A few days ago, Facebook made some minor changes to its News feed that make my CEFM mode sometimes cannot find the selected story link to open. Today, I have released a new version of CEFM to fix that error. Also, in this update, I have improved some existing functions and add some more features so that it can interact more with the Facebook page.

If you are installing CEFM for first, just ignore this post and head to the project’s home page at CEFM Homepage. If you upgrade from a version before 21 Nov 2013, please consider reading these post because I have changed some functions’ names.

Remove pre-keybindings for some Quick access commands

Before that, CEFM bound 3, 4, 5 to the 3 commands cefm-open-friend-request, cefm-open-messages and cefm-open-notification respectively. However, in this new release, I have remove those key bindings to give you freedom of binding to whatever you want.

define_key(facebook_keymap, "3", "cefm-open-friend-request");
define_key(facebook_keymap, "4", "cefm-open-messages");
define_key(facebook_keymap, "5", "cefm-open-notification");

Change Commands Prefix

Since this release, I have changed the prefix of all commans from facebook- to cefm-. That is to prevent duplicate commands if Conkeror includes some commands for Facebook with the same name. You need to change your key bindings in order to use the new version. Here is the list of changes

  • facebook-open-current-story-new-buffer -> cefm-open-current-story-new-buffer
  • facebook-open-current-story-new-buffer-background -> cefm-open-current-story-new-buffer-background
  • facebook-cycle-conversations -> cefm-cycle-conversations
  • facebook-scroll-up-current-conversation -> cefm-scroll-up-current-conversation
  • facebook-scroll-down-current-conversation -> cefm-scroll-down-current-conversation

Add new commands

In this new release, I have included 3 more commands for faster interaction with Facebook. They are cefm-expand-content, cefm-quick-logout and cefm-open-home. Information about them can be found on the CEFM Homepage.