This is a new emacs package that I’ve just finished. This is not a very complicated extension or something very new. This is just the code I extracted from my previous emacs’ extension tmtxt-dired-async. The purpose of tmtxt-async-tasks is to provide emacs users a tool for executing shell command asynchronously in a separate window and not be affected by the process. When you executing a command using this package, a new window will be created at the bottom of the current frame (this window is not affected by the other-window command). The shell command keep running and print out the result for you to keep track of the process and the window contains that command can be automatically closed after a specified time period when it finish executing. For more information, demo as well as how to use the package, please visit it’s homepage at

Update of tmtxt-dired-async

With the release of tmtxt-async-tasks, tmtxt-dired-async should be updated, too. There is no need to keep all the code to executing command asynchronously inside tmtxt-dired-async because the new package has all that feature. tmtxt-dired-async now relies on tmtxt-async-tasks so if you are going to update to the new version, please include tmtxt-async-tasks as well. Also, in the new release, I have changed many function name to make it shorter and changed many option variables for easier usage so if you want to upgrade, please change the function name accordingly. You can see all the new name at the project’s homepage