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An extension for Conkeror’s Facebook mode to help browse Facebook faster. It extends the built-in Facebook mode to provide more commands to interact with Facebook News Feed, Story, Comment, Like,…


Clone the repo on Github at CEFM Repo and put it inside your .conkerorrc folder. After that, add this to your init file

let (path = get_home_directory()) {
  // add to load path

  // include the library

Facebook’s default keyboard shortcuts

This extension lets you use some Facebook’s shortcut keys for navigating on the site.

  • / - Search
  • c - Make comment
  • p - Focus on the text box when making a post
  • j and k - Scroll between News Feed stories
  • l - Like or unlike a selected story
  • m - New Message
  • q - Search for a friend to chat with

Commands for quick access

There are some simple commands for quick access most-used element on page

  • cefm-open-home - Open Home page
  • cefm-open-friend-request - Open Friend Requests panel
  • cefm-open-messages - Open Messages panel
  • cefm-open-notification - Open Notifications panel
  • cefm-quick-logout - Quickly logout Facebook

Some usage examples

define_key(facebook_keymap, "1", "cefm-open-home");

Open News Feed story in new buffer

When you browsing the News Feed with j and k, there is a little vertical bar (old-style news feed) or a thin border around the avatar image of the story to indicate which story you’re in. Simply invoke cefm-open-current-story-new-buffer to open that story in new buffer or cefm-open-current-story-new-buffer-background to open it in a new background buffer.

You can also bind these two commands to some keystrokes for quick navigation.

define_key(facebook_keymap, "C-M-o", "cefm-open-current-story-new-buffer");
define_key(facebook_keymap, "C-S-o", "cefm-open-current-story-new-buffer-background");

Cycle through chat conversions with keyboard

Facebook chat is very convenient but can be very painful, too. Facebook page contains too many elements, from links on sidebar, news feed,… to the textboxes in status update, chat conversations,… This will slow down your productivity if you’re Facebook-addicted (like me) since Conkeror have to process too many hint links and you also have to look for the right hint number and type exactly that number (can be up to 3 digits) if you want to chat. Moreover, if you usually chat with many people at the same time, this can become a nightmare. You have to follow the textbox (with 3 digits hinting number) for chatting with the first person and then unfocus it, follow again another textbox for the next person,… For easy imagination, see the picture below

Everything will be great if there is a handy keystroke for cycling through the chat conversations. CEFM provides a useful command named cefm-cycle-conversations to help you solve this problem. Simply bind it to a keystroke that you want, for example

define_key(facebook_keymap, "C-C", "cefm-cycle-conversations");

Now in every facebook page, type q to search for a friend to chat, press C-C to jump to the next chat conversation. Usually when you press Esc, the current chat conversation will be closed. If you want to continue browsing Facebook without closing it, you can see the steps how to achieve it in this post Using Esc key in Conkeror.

Scroll the current chat conversation with keyboard

Usually, while you are chatting with your friend, you want to scroll up the conversation for viewing the conversation history. The command cefm-scroll-up-current-coversation and cefm-scroll-down-current-coversation will help you easily scroll through the current chat conversation that you are in. Simply bind it to any key stroke that you want to use, for example

define_key(facebook_keymap, "C-I", "cefm-scroll-up-current-coversation");
define_key(facebook_keymap, "C-K", "cefm-scroll-down-current-coversation");

You can also config the scroll gap (the distance for each scroll) by setting the following variable

cefm_scroll_gap = 50;

Expand content

Some story contents or image captions are so long that Facebook have to hide them and you have to click on See More… link to see the full content. CEFM now has a command for clicking on that link using the keyboard. Bind it to any keystroke that you want, for example

define_key(facebook_keymap, "C-M-E", "cefm-expand-content");

When you activate this command, if there is a story that being selected, the content of that story will be expand, otherwise, it will expand the first one it can find (image caption in image page).