and it is deadly simple

So, here is the problem. Although my apartment is just a small one and the distance between the Wifi router and my PC is also not far, they are separated by some wall layers.


The Wifi router that I’m using is an old Apple Airport from 2011, which seems not enough to break through these wall layers. I usually have problem with low Wifi signal on my PC, which makes playing CS:GO much frustrating. I usually get killed by the delay because I cannot see clearly the movement of the enemies, they move like teleporting :LOL: I also don’t want to set up any wire from the living room to my bedroom, which would makes my apartment become ugly! I want a tidy place.


Say Hello to Tenda Nova Mesh

Here are some images when unboxing and setting up the system

Three cute small boxes! Three

Next to a Kindle Paper White Apartment

Place it next to my 49” Samsung Smart TV TV1 TV2 Quite nice and suitable to place as a decoration in the living room!

Another one on my Bookshelf (with a lot of Doraemon comic books) Book1

A closer look. Behind are the PowerCube power extension and an Anker 4-port Charger Book2

The setup is also deadly simple! Just install the App on my phone and follow the instructions. All the three devices will connect to each other automagically

Let’s pick up the guns!

I felt very disappointed when I bought the Totolink EX200 Wifi repeater 2 years ago. None of my Apple devices could connect to it and use the internet normally but Windows devices worked fine. I had no idea what I had done incorrectly, just some simple setup steps. I couldn’t find any support on the internet at all so basically I just threw away that bullshit device. Luckily, this time, all of my devices can connect to the Wifi network without any problems, even just a single one! 👏

OK, I’m going to try one CS:GO Arm Race match now! :LOL: CS1 CS1 Ping is stable at 43-46ms! Yay, no more getting killed by LAG :YOLO:

My thought


  • Cheap!
  • Easy setup
  • Strong signal for small apartment, 5ghz band support.


  • Few LAN ports, but yeah, I don’t need
  • The LAN speed is not very high, but I also don’t have the need to transfer files using LAN network much

In Vietnam, you can order this via Tiki