PostgreSQL official documentation is one good resource for researching PostgreSQL features. However, the documentation on its home page are exported to PDF format only, which make it hard to read on other devices since it has no text-reflowable feature. Luckily, Peter Eisentraut made a small commit that add epub target to the documentation build to export the epub file.

Here are the building instruction and the download links to the epub file that I have built before

Download links

Currently, I built only the 9.4.1 documentation since it’s the currently stable version. When the later version release, hopefully the epub file will be published on Postgres home page. Otherwise I will update it here.

9.4.1 Documentation Epub

Building instruction

Although I have install all of the required dependencies, I still cannot build the documentation with the simple command make epub. I have to use this solution (also from Peter Eisentraut).

First, clone the postgres source from Github

Next, install some dependencies (I’m using Macports on Mac)

$ port install docbook-sgml-4.2 libxslt

If you are using Macports, remember to use GNU Make, not the default make on Mac. Install it using Macports

$ port install gmake

Now, build the documentation (remember to change make to gmake if you are using it from Macports). Source.

$ cd postgres
$ ./configure
$ cd doc/src/sgml
$ make postgres.xml
$ xsltproc postgres.xml
$ echo 'application/epub+zip' > mimetype
$ zip -r postgres.epub META-INF OEBPS mimetype

The final postgres.epub file will be located in doc/src/sgml.