1. Introduction

Currently, I’m building a website written entirely in Javascript using NodeJS along with PostgreSQL database server. This series of tutorials is a summary of my experience with NodeJS, PostgreSQL as well as how I solve the problems I encountered. In this first post, I will give an outline of which frameworks, technologies and the list of all following tutorials in this series. The reason why I chose those technologies will be presented in the corresponding post.

2. Frameworks / Technologies

Here is the list of some main frameworks, libraries and technologies that I used for developing the website.

2.1 Database

2.2 Backend

2.3 Front end

2.4 Others

  • i18n-2 for internationalization.
  • Gulp for tasks automation.
  • nginx for https proxy server. This can be applied for many other kinds of server, not just Nodejs

3. Articles list

4. Extra for Emacs users

As I’m an Emacs user, I also wrote some articles about setting up the development environment for Javascript on Emacs. You can visit the Emacs category on my blog to search for those tips.