I’ve just implemented new feature for CEFM - Scrolling chat conversation.

Usually, while you are chatting with your friend, you want to scroll up the conversation for viewing the conversation history. The command facebook-scroll-up-current-coversation and facebook-scroll-down-current-coversation will help you easily scroll through the current chat conversation that you are in. Simply bind it to any key stroke that you want to use, for example

define_key(facebook_keymap, "C-I", "facebook-scroll-up-current-coversation");
define_key(facebook_keymap, "C-K", "facebook-scroll-down-current-coversation");

You can also config the scroll gap (the distance for each scroll) by setting the following variable

facebook_mode_scroll_gap = 50;

For more information about the mode, visit its homepage at http://truongtx.me/conkeror-extended-facebook-mode.html