Today, I have added my extension for Conkeror some new features. They are small but really useful for interacting with Facebook effectively through the keyboard.

You can find the information as well as the instruction on how to install and use at the package’s homepage

Cycle through chat conversions with keyboard

Everything will be great if there is a handy keystroke for cycling through chat conversations. CEFM provides a useful command named facebook-cycle-conversations to help you solve this problem. Simply bind it to a keystroke that you want, for example

define_key(facebook_keymap, "C-C", "facebook-cycle-conversations");

Now in every facebook page, type q to search for a friend to chat, press C-C to jump to the next chat conversation. Usually if you press Esc, the current chat conversation will be closed. If you want to continue browsing Facebook without closing it, you can see the steps how to achieve it in this post Using Esc key in Conkeror.

Functions to fix fallthrough keys that Facebook cannot recognize

For keys from 0-9, there is a little problem so that I have to implement some custom functions for performing their functionalities but have not finished all, they will appear in the next version.

  • 3 - Open Friend Requests panel
  • 4 - Open Messages panel
  • 5 - Open Notifications panel