Simple Android TODO App
  •  04 April 2013
  •  misc 


This is a simple Task Management Application (To-do list manager). It helps you in managing and organize your daily works include what you need to do, when is the due date for the task, who will be involved in the activity, etc.

Main Entities

At the core of the functional requirements of this application are the following two entities:

Task: A task is a to-do entry that must, at a minimum, maintain the following information:

Title: The title of the task (e.g. “Meet with Lecturer”)
Due date: the due date of a task (e.g. March 5, 2012)
Note: Additional notes describing the task to be performed, which might include the venue at which the task is to be performed, e.g. “meeting room 14.10.06”
Priority Level: One of three possible values, High, Medium or Low. This will determine how the Task list is sorted (discussed in more detail below).
Collaborators: List of email addresses identifying individuals who will be collaborating on this task, as picked from the user’s contacts list.
Group: The category or group that this task belongs to (discussed in more detail below).
Completion Status: A Boolean value indicating whether or not a given Task has been completed.
Id: A randomly generated combination of numbers and letters, which uniquely identifies a title (not visible to the user).

Task Group: Tasks can be organized and grouped together. In addition to its constituent tasks, each task group has the following information:

Title: The name of the Task Group (e.g. Shopping List, To-Read List)
Id: A randomly generated combination of numbers and letters, which uniquely identify a group.


Local Database: Tasks and Task Groups are to be persisted on a local SQLite database. Whilst the database can be simple, it must store all information about Tasks and Task Groups discussed above.


  • Add or Remove Tasks: The application allows the creation of an unbounded set of Tasks each belonging to one of four predefined Task Groups.

  • Edit Task Details: Users are able to edit details about a Task including the ability to check/uncheck the completion status of a task, as well as add or remove collaborators.

  • View Task Group: The program can display a list of Tasks in a given Task Group and allow sorting by either due date, priority or the order the tasks were added.


Android phones/tablets/computers with Android OS 4.0 or above

Download and Installation

To install the software, follow this link and select View Raw to download. After finishing the download, copy that file into phone memory and install it. You’re ready to use the application.

Source code

The source code this application is hosted on Github at this link. It is an Eclipse project. To explore it, clone it into your local computer and import into Eclipse.


This is some of the application screenshots from my Samsung Galaxy Note 1

Application in Launcher

Main screen

View all groups

Add group

Add task

Add task

View all tasks

View task detail

Delete task