Recently, I have been working with projects using docker on Mac OS using docker machine. However, docker machine currently does not support fixed ip address for the machine so that everytime the virtual machine boots up, it is assigned with a new ip address. That makes accessing the docker containers running inside the machine a bit annoying since I have to use docker-machine ip command everytime to retrieve the ip of that machine and connect using the ip like

One simple solution for this is to define a fixed host name with the ip in the hosts file. This little shell scripts utilizes sed and tee to dynamically update the host name and ip of the docker machine everytime you boot up that vitual machine.

#! /usr/bin/env sh

# remove the old ip in hosts file
sudo sed -i "/\b\(hostname\)\b/d" /etc/hosts

# insert the new ip
echo "$(docker-machine ip machine-name) hostname" | sudo tee -a /etc/hosts

# set env variables
eval "$(docker-machine env machine-name)" OR $(docker-machine env machine-name)

You will need to replace hostname with the server name you want to assign to that docker machine and replace machine-name with the name of the docker machine.

This script will first find and remove the old entry that containing hostname in the hosts file. Next, it will append a new entry to the hosts file by evaluating the docker-machine ip command to get the new ip. Finally, updates all the environment variables for the current session for the docker and docker-compose to work properly. Keep in mind that you need to run this script using source for the docker-machine env command to take effect for the current shell.

For now, everytime you boot up your docker machine, what you need to do is just to source that shell script and you can start using all the docker commands

$ . update-docker

You can also access all the services running inside that machine using the host name that you defined before, for example