Usually, there are many opening tabs in my Conkeror (more than 50). However, sometimes Conkeror on MacOS got trouble when quitting which prevents it from auto saving the session file or even worse the session file will appear empty next time Conkeror starts. That makes me lose many opening tabs that I’m reading and I cannot remember which tabs I need to re-open. The solution is using Git for managing, backing up the session file.

Firstly, in order to manage the session file, we need to locate it on our computer. On Mac OS, the Conkeror session file is stored under /Volumes/tmtxt/Library/Application Support/conkeror/Profiles/profile-name/sessions/. Create a git repository there. After that, we need a script that automatically add all the files to staged area and commit with the message containing the current time. The content of the script looks similar to this

now=$(date +"%T")

cd "~/Library/Application Support/conkeror/Profiles/profile-name/sessions/"
git add .
git commit -m "Session at $now"

Finally, hooking the function to run the script into Conkeror.

add_hook("create_buffer_hook", function(buffer){
  shell_command_blind("sh /path/to/conkeror/session/backup/script");

Every time a new buffer is created, Conkeror will auto call the script to commit it to git. If you want, you can add hook when a buffer is killed.