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Overview of the website

The website is about an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system that support management patient treatment in medical facility such as clinic or hospital. Detail requirements can be found in the pdf file inside the repo on github.

Functional details

The website allows users to manage and maintain the record of medical services provided by various hospitals. It focuses mainly on patients and their visit history as well as the symptoms, prescriptions and lab orders of each visit.

These are some main entities in the application: Patient, Doctor, Hospital, Visit, Prescription, Lab Order, Drug, Drug Group, Medical Service, Medical Service Group, ICD, ICD Chapter and User. For each entity, the website provides 6 basic operations: add new, update, delete, view all, view one item and search.

Design details

  • ASP.NET membership API is applied for authentication and authorization
  • The website uses SQL server database and LINQ-2-SQL for connecting to the database
  • Most operations is done via asynchronous postback
  • AJAX Control Toolkit is used for date picker
  • Master Page is built with bootstrap 2.3 for consistency layout

Source code

The source code is hosted on Github at Electronic Medical Record. Simply clone it into your local computer and run.

Requirements to run

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012+
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5+
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008+

Database Deployment Instruction

Use SQL Server Studio to open the file “db.sql” inside “ElectronicMedicalRecord” folder. Execute all the script to generate the database.

Website Deployment Instruction

  • Open file “ElectronicMedicalRecord.sln” in Visual Studio.
  • Open “web.config” file and edit the connection information to the new database location as well as SQL server authentication information correspond to the information on your computer
  • View the Website in browser
  • In case you encounter error, switch to IIS Express. In Visual Studio 2012, click on the menu Website > Use IIS Express

Sample accounts for testing

  • Admin: Username: admin - Password: adminadmin!
  • User: Username: user - Password: useruser!

Demo Images

Here are some images of the website

Alt Text

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