Agent 069 game
  •  02 May 2013
  •  misc 

Today, we have finish our first game on LibGdx name Agent 069. Actually, all 3 members in our group are programmers, not designer so that we are not good at designing and images so that game graphic is not very good. Also, when swpie up the screen to control the main character to jump up, it’s a bit laggy or slowly react, we still don’t know why.

Agent 069

The game is about X-rider (codename 069). He is a top undercover agent and CIA. He has James Bond’s charm, Bruce Lee’s martial arts mastery and Rambo’s gun skills. His latest mission is to infiltrate a terrorist headquarter deep inside a Chinese rural area. His main activity in this game is to escape from the terrorists after assassinating the boss and having his cover blown and his only tool is his trusty motorbike. 069 will go through 3 areas which are effectively the game’s 3 stages.

For more information like Download link, Game rule, Guideline, Screenshots as well as the Source code, please visit the the game’s homepage at Agent 069 Homepage.