This post is the sixth part of the series Dired as Default File Manager.

All this section I focus on tmtxt-dired-async, which is a tiny library that I devloped to help the use of Dired become easier. Actually, the code is a bit long so that I cannot post it here, that will make my post become messy. Instead, I move all those functions to a separate file and post it here for easy installation.

tmtxt-dired-async is a library for Emacs Dired mode to copy, compress, decompress files asynchronously. It also provides the ability to mark files in multiple directories and then copy all of them into a destination library. This library is designed for Unix-based system like MacOS, Ubuntu,…

The reason why I developed this library is to overcome Emacs Dired’s drawbacks. Everytime I need to copy, move, compress, uncompress,… big files, Emacs is blocked until those processes finish execution. That’s really annoying. This extension helps solve that problem by providing Emacs with the ability to asynchronously execute those tasks as well as display the output to the user.

Furthermore, it also display the progress of the current task as well as notify you when the task finish and automatically close the output window for you.

All the description, key features as well as how to install and usage are presented on the project homepage.


Here is some screenshots from my Emacs

Alt Text

Alt Text

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