Jekyll is great! However, it lacks one important thing compare to the other blogging systems. It’s the search function. I’ve implemented a simple Google search box in my jekyll blog. Below are the steps.

Implement a Search box

First, create a file named my_google_search.html in the _includes folder in your jekyll website directory. Add this code to the newly created html file

<script language="Javascript" type="text/javascript">
  function my_search_google()
    var query = document.getElementById("my-google-search").value;"" + query
	+ "%20site:" + "");

Replace with the URL of your site.

Next, open up your template file (usually /_includes/themes/theme-name/default.html), add this line in the head area.

<!-- my custom google search -->
{% include my_google_search.html %}

Finally, add a form where you want the search box to appear

<!-- my custom google search -->
<form onsubmit="my_search_google()" >
  <input type="text" id="my-google-search">

Ok, now you’re done ;)


Actually this is a very simple Google search box that can be applied for any site not just Jekyll. Simply create a form in your page and include the script in the js file and Google will do the rest for you.